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This will be your complete, all-in-one source for website designs.  You will find information on what constitutes a good website design, how to choose great web designers, and what options do you have when you want to hire a web design agency.

You should be able to find everything you need to make an intelligent decision before you hire someone.  And off course, our recommendations on who are the best of the best.

Web Design Basics

But first, let me give you the basics of web design.  This is, how your site should be structured site so that it’s friendly to web crawlers.

Taking all the required steps to optimize a website for the search engine robots is simple, but important. All it requires is a tiny dedication and know-how to be certain that your audience will be in a position to uncover your website. We also know ins and outs of website optimization and like to share our understanding.  Following are the elements you should thinking about.

Website Crawlers

It’s good to know how crawler’s operate to so you can maximize your site’s visibility. Even if you have a stunning website design, if no one can find it, it’s useless. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing use applications called spiders, crawlers, or bots, to search content material on sites that are registered with each search engine.

You can either submit your web page to a search engine or just wait for their crawlers to discover it. Today’s crawlers will search by your page’s meta content as well as text, photos, videos and links.

Have Great Content

Search engines don’t focus on your meticulously perfected design layouts. They primarily scan the content on your site. The text contained in just about every paragraph, heading, subheading, video transcriptions, and image names are looked at. A web page with 1,000 words of distinctive and relevant content material will help rank your web page higher than a web page without any words.

Be sure to have relevant and useful content on all the pages on your site. The articles on your website should be original.  Even if you to create a new web page for the same topic, you shouldn’t reuse your old bio or about me text. This may result in a lower ranking for your site for posting duplicate content.

Always use a modern template for your design. It’s not really a trend now to have a responsive design for your website.  It is now mandatory. Any web page you create needs to be optimized for mobile devices or it will be penalized.

Keep Your Site Clean

Internet spiders crawl the source code of your website to view its content. This is why your code should be organized properly with great practices for web design programming. The bots don’t respond very well to sloppy coding, so make sure to use a professional and quality designer.